CCLS Vendor Proposal Guidelines


Carolina Cooperative Library Services (CCLS) aims to lower the cost of library e-resources, software and services for libraries in the Carolinas. CCLS formed when NC LIVE, North Carolina’s statewide library membership cooperative, saw a need for group purchasing of resources that were not included in statewide licenses, but for which there was substantial interest.


Carolina Cooperative Library Services serves the following communities of interest (COIs):

  • North Carolina
    • NC Public Libraries (83)
    • NC Community College System (59)
    • UNC System (28)
    • NC Independent Colleges & Universities (36)
    • NC K-12 Public Schools
    • NC K-12 Private Schools
  • South Carolina
    • SC Public libraries (47)
    • SC Technical Colleges (16)
    • USC System (8)
    • SC Independent Colleges and Universities (20)
    • SC K-12 Public Schools
    • SC K-12 Private Schools
  • Southeastern States
    • K-12 Private Schools

Proposal Guidelines

We invite vendors to contact us with proposals for group deals that provide unique value to CCLS institutions. CCLS does not require an RFP process and welcomes a variety of different types of proposals from vendors. We ask that proposals meet the following requirements:

  • Length: A concise document of no more than 3-4 core pages. Feel free to include any attachments that are directly relevant.
  • Content: Descriptions of the content, products or software included.
  • Pricing: A detailed explanation of the pricing.
    • Include pricing for all CCLS communities of interest (COIs).
    • Include details for multi-year pricing, pricing tiers or additional fees, if relevant.
    • Any features for which there is an additional cost should be clearly identified and the cost of those features should be clearly and completely stated.
    • Evidence for how pricing represents a cost savings when compared with typical pricing for single libraries.
    • Explanation for how libraries currently licensing the resource will be included in the contract.
  • Term: License term will be for one year, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Support: What technical or customer support is available to subscribing libraries?
  • Submission Information: Please submit proposals electronically to [email protected]
  • Questions? Contact [email protected]


  • Proposals must be submitted by March 1 in order to be considered for a July 1 license start date.
  • Contracts will run from July 1 to June 30.
  • Libraries joining the CCLS contract after July 1 will be added on a quarterly schedule on a prorated basis ending on June 30.

Other Considerations

  • CCLS will only license resources, products or software for which there is sufficient interest (e.g. > 10 participating libraries).
  • Contracts must allow CCLS libraries currently licensing the product to participate. We discourage deals which offer discounts to new customers and lock existing customers into a higher rate.
  • The vendor must not undermine the contract by selling the same product directly to a CCLS library at a lower cost. If the vendor wishes to lower its prices, it must contact CCLS to discuss contract revisions.
  • CCLS will only share vendor pricing information with CCLS libraries.

Contact Information

[email protected]

We look forward to working with you!